MEDUSA COSMETICS is a company that I founded out of necessity. Traveling around the globe on my business ventures, I would find myself with suitcase after suitcase full of cosmetics!
Coming home and unpacking everything, I realized that something was not fulfilling my search for the perfect skincare and makeup line. The products were either not pretty enough, elegant enough, or potent enough... and running the AMF Foundation, they had to be completely natural and cruelty-free too - so I finally decided that I wanted to create a line that had all of those elements.
-Each MEDUSA COSMETICS product is given the utmost attention to detail, with the highest quality ingredients available and an emphasis on cruelty free manufacturing. Our brand is all about glow - taking the sun, sea and sand of Miami Beach and condensing it into our products. Nothing embodies this better than our premier product GLOW: an extraordinary shimmer oil leaving your skin with a beautifully dewy glow that catches light as you move.
I know that sophistication, elegance, and the highest quality ingredients are an absolute must for your skincare routine - that's why my bathroom is full of beautiful MEDUSA COSMETICS products that I personally use every day. I know that you will experience and love them the same way that I do.
With love,